Engineering and Construction

The mining and engineering industries is not the easiest industries to work in. At Bilnor we offer a range of construction and engineering services that will allow you to reliably offer continuous operation. From the initial planning phase up to continuous maintenance, we have you covered so that you can focus on other facets of keeping the wheels rolling.

Our Engineering and Construction Solutions:

It is important to note that we are not limited to these services, our agility allows us to cover most other engineering and constructions projects.

Staffing Solutions

A company only runs smooth if they have the right staff to do the right work in the right positions. Bilnor offers a range of staffing solutions that will allow any mine or engineering firm to operate smoothly. Whether you are looking to fill positions on a temporary or permanent basis on your own payroll or on ours, Bilnor is able to offer you a quick and easy way to fill those open positions.

Our Staffing Solutions:

We also offer some interesting information, you can read it here: